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Protest Street Sign

Welcome to this safe harbour

Combatting racism has been the burden of visible minitories, when it should actually be the problem of white folks in countries where they represent the majority of people. Providing an inclusive, tolerant and diverse environment is everyone's but minorities' responsibility, even though the stronger advocates for such safe communities have been the victims of systematic racism and discriminations. 


Coming from a poor uneducated family, I have been privileged to benefit from a socialist and supportive system that sent me for free to University and provided me with the knowledge and skills to succeed in life. Every smart dedicated person, regardless of race, religion, color, creed or sexual orientation, should have the same opportunities to succeed that I have been provided. And it is my duty now, as a University professor and scientist, to work toward that goal.


I shared my life with a beautiful and charming man of Jamaican descentf or almost 10 years. When we decided to get married, I did not just marry the Man that I loved. I also embraced a family, a community... And with them a long list of struggles that became my problems, long-lasting sufferings that became my concerns and repeated pains that became my sorrow. Despite our divorce, these amazing People remain my family! They welcomed me with open arms and accepted me for who I am, despite the colour of my skin and the pain and suffering that people of my community have caused them for centuries. They fed me like their own sons, despite their modest incomes. They took the time to educate me about their culture, regardless of my ignorance and pre-conceptions. 

I am obligated towards them! My nieces of Caribbean descent deserve the same opportunity to grow and thrive as my nephew and godsons of European background. And it is my job to ensure that they do!

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